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Two good shows ! on Feb

On February I have two fine music events.


One is I perform with a Japanese monk "Yugi" who play the some crystal bowls
and also play as a member of tinörks on his temple "YAKUSHIIN" located in KISHIWADA city in Osaka on 23th.

Another is on Bamboo club at TENMA in Osaka the event organized by acoustic trio "amante branco" on 24th.
I as tinörks will play in there.

The events in the temple "YAKUSHIIN" on 23th Feb is his 1st album "ROKUDAI" ,
which has 6 elements have the important Buddhism concept,release party.
I have ever had two sessions with him.
His crystal bowl sounds is so wonderful and has a lot of deeply harmonic overtone.
Also in the event, I will play on piano with his ambient sounds.


Before the session, tinörks,I play on keyboard,will perform.
In particular Koichi who is the good guitarist,
he joined in 2012 and left at the end of the year,
play as a member of tinörks. And he will have the session
with Yugi because he also joined in Yugi's 1st album.

Then Yuichiro as a guitarist,engineer and producer of Yaneka,
is very famous musician around Europe, will perform
with Yugi because he produced his 1st album.
And we maybe have special session on end of the party by all player...

Enjoy amazing crystal bowls deeply sound played Japanese monk and special sessions!
Don't miss it!

I write the show details as follows.

Yugi 1st album "ROKUDAI" release party

Hosei Tatemizu(tinörks)
Koichi Matsumura(from amante branco,tinörks)
Yuichiro Maeda(from yaneka)

Venue Address

Date and Time
Saturday, February 23th at 4:00pm ~ 7:30pm
ticket 1200yen(included Japanese sweets and tea)

Contact us and reservation of the ticket as follow adress.


Another event in TENMA nearly OSAKA station has special name.

"HANA UTA" in Japanese means "singing with closed lips".
And this also have a important subtitle "words mean nothing at all!"

I will play as tinörks consist of 2 members and maybe play new track...
This event takes place by acoustic trio "amante branco" on bamboo club.

amante branco has 3 members,vocalist,acoustic guitarist and uplight bassist.
And the acoustic guitarist is Koichi as the electric guitarist of tinörks.

The following flyer is KIYO chan as the vocalist of amante branco.


Bamboo club is a small house but has good interiors and atmosphere.

Then this event also has some special sessions.
In particular in the end of the even Yukinobu Kami as a professional DJ of FM COCOLO
perform with all musicians.

I think it must be amazing!

Charge is 1 drink order(about 500yen).
If good,you can order some delicious foods.

Don't miss it!

I write the show details as follows.

"ON THE HANA UTA" @ bamboo club

amante branco
Yukinobu Kami(FM COCOLO DJ)

Venue Address
Bamboo club

tel 06-6371-6403

Date and Time
Sunday, February 24th at 3:00pm ~ 
Charge is 1 drink order(about 500yen).

Contact us as follow adress.



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